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Emma Sofija

AR filter creator

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TikTok and Instagram AR (Augmented Reality) filter creator with over 25 billion effect views.

Creator of viral TikTok and Instagram filter: "your celebrity twin".

My goal is to create immersive digital experiences that entertain and engage people through the power of AR. 


Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark - currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Featured in Vanity Fair, Allure, The Independent, Elite Daily, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar, The Sun, and more.

"As an aspiring computer science student living in the age of social media supremacy, Emma Sofija has found a nice inside lane to success. It's still in its infancy right now, but a "Who's Your Celebrity Twin" filter sounds like it has the potential for major social media success. We could be looking at the next "Wordle" here..." - Comicbook


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