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Meet 4 Top Creators behind some of TikTok's most viral filters and AR effects

Filters and effects aren't just additive on TikTok — sometimes they provide the entire content of a video. Take the one Emma Sofija made earlier this year called "your celebrity twin." You may have seen it or tried it for yourself. The engaging effect was used over 2.5 million times in TikToks with 1.2 billion cumulative views within the two first weeks. Filters and effects are a big business, and those who make them are a fascinating confluence of both influencers and engineers.

Fast Company

While Coca-Cola has collaborated with artists over its long history—and had its designs featured in works by artists like Andy Warhol—this is the first time it’s calling upon fans at large to create their own takes on its imagery. It’s part of a larger push by the soft drink giant to experiment with generative AI, as companies and experimenters of all sorts race to integrate the technology into everything from search engines to fashion shows. In addition to the contest, Coke is teaming up with AI artists Emma Sofija, Ean Hwa Huag, and the team of Chris Branch and Paul Parsons, who have used the OpenAI tools to build their own projects around Coke assets as part of the campaign.

Elite Daily

This Viral TikTok Effect Matches You With Your Celebrity Look-Alike

Creator of the TikTok filter @emmasofija brought the effect to Instagram so users on both platforms can join in on the fun, and you can too. Instead of recording through TikTok, head over to Instagram and tap on the plus sign to create a Story. Next, scroll to the far-right and tap on the “Browse Effects” button to head to the Effect Gallery. From the gallery, tap on the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner to search and type “celebrity twin” in the search bar at the top of your screen. Select the option from filter creator @emmasofija and select “Try It” to record an Instagram Stories video. (You can also find the filter on her Instagram profile.)


This Margot Robbie Doppelgänger Is Confusing Thousands of TikTok Users

This time the user in question has app users half-convinced Margot Robbie has a secret TikTok account she uses to trick fans into believing she's a woman from Denmark. On February 2, user Emma Sofija—a computer science student with 12,200 TikTok followers—shared a video using the popular celebrity twin filter, which covers half of the user's face with their Hollywood match, and it took a lot of casual scrollers a minute to realize they weren't looking at one image of The Suicide Squad star on their For You page. 

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Margot Robbie’s Doppelgänger Goes Viral On TikTok

This all started when Emma Sofija created a celebrity look alike filter on TikTok, yes you read that correctly, she created it. Naturally, the filter said she looks like Margot Robbie and while she didn’t see it at first, she even called herself Walmart Margot Robbie, it didn’t take long for the filter to gain attention. Also, people couldn’t help but notice the woman who created this filter is Margot Robbie’s twin.

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Margot Robbie tiene una doble en Tiktok que está confundiendo a los demás usuarios

El último hallazgo de la red social ha sido una mujer de Dinamarca llamada Emma Sofija cuyos rasgos son realmente parecidos a los de la actriz Margot Robbie. Emma es una estudiante de informática que cuenta con 12.200 seguidores en Tiktok y que descubrió su enorme parecido con la intérprete gracias a unos de los numerosos filtros de la red social que ofrece diversión a sus usuarios.

Elite Daily

Find Your Celeb Look-Alike With This Viral IG Filter

If you don't see the celebrity look-alike filter on your friends' Stories, you'll want to go to the creator's Instagram profile, which is @emmasofija. Select the stars image just above her home grid, and you'll be taken to a page showcasing all the filters that she has created. 

The Sun

TWINNING How to get TikTok’s Celebrity Twin filter

TIKTOK has released another filter that shows your true A-list celebrity doppelgänger.  The filter is gaining momentum for users as they try to generate their ideal celebrity match.


Margot Robbie: la sua sosia diventa virale su TikTok (ed è identica)

Esistono filtri che associano il nostro volto a quello di una celebrità. Non sempre tali filtri funzionano. Tuttavia, la somiglianza esistente tra Margot Robbie e la sua sosia Emma Sofija va al di là del credibile e, nelle ultime ore, sta spopolando su TikTok! ome riportato da Comic Book, una TikToker di nome Emma Sofija sta confondendo gli utenti di tutto il mondo a causa della sua netta somiglianza con Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie: la sosia dell’attrice impazza su TikTok. Ed è davvero identica [VIDEO]

Nelle ultime ore è diventata virale, sul popolare social network TikTok, la somiglianza tra Margot Robbie e la sua sosia Emma Sofija, una TikToker che sta sbalordendo gli utenti di tutto il mondo. La studentessa danese di informatica ha infatti postato un video nel quale il suo volto appare confrontato a quello della celebre attrice di The Wolf of Wall Street e Birds of Prey, e la somiglianza tra le due è davvero sbalorditiva.


Coca-Cola Invites Digital Artists to 'Create Real Magic' Using New AI Platform

Pratik Thakar, Global Head of Creative Strategy and Integrated Content for the Coca-Cola Trademark, said “Create Real Magic” signals the company’s commitment to move quickly to test, learn and scale ideas using AI. “It’s an experiment to see where co-creation can take us,” Thakar said. “We’re moving at the speed of culture with an innovative program that’s very tangible for the creative community. ‘Create Real Magic’ gives digital artists the unique opportunity to play in a custom-created sandbox, powered by GPT-4 and DALL-E, and democratizes both our brand iconography and highest-profile advertising assets.” Four AI artists – Emma Sofija (Europe), Chris Branch (Europe), Paul Parsons (Europe) and Ean Hwa Huag (Asia) – kickstarted the crowdsourcing campaign by creating custom art using the platform and Coca-Cola assets. 


‘Create Real Magic’ campaign marks Coke’s first use of AI technologies

Young Hollywood

5 Times Celebrities Hilariously used TikTok filters!

1. Camila Cabello & James Corden

James Corden and Camila Cabello took turns using the "Celebrity Lookalike" filter created by Emma Sofija on TikTok. It was definitely a surprising result to look at and we are sure they had fun behind the scenes. Do you agree that they look similar to Margot Robbie and Britney Spears?


This Margot Robbie Doppelgänger Is Confusing Thousands of TikTok Users

Emma Sofija is also an A.R. (augmented reality) filter designer who creates effects that can be used on social media apps like Instagram, including one that is intended to give users the hair and makeup of Robbie's DC character Harley Quinn. How fitting!

Vanity Fair Italy

Da Rihanna a Tom Holland, ecco i sosia delle celebrity su TikTok

Nel mio feed di TikTok c’è veramente di tutto e durante i miei scroll compulsivi mi è capitato di vedere un video con Margot Robbie o almeno così pensavo. Infatti, quando l’ho riguardato ho capito che si trattava di un'altra persona, Emma Sofija, una ragazza di origine danese che vive a Los Angeles e che ha oltre 19 mila follower sul suo account proprio per l'incredibile somiglianza con l'interprete di Suicide Squad. 


Harley Quinn Actress Margot Robbie's Doppelganger Goes Viral On TikTok

As an aspiring computer science student living in the age of social media supremacy, Emma Sofija has found a nice inside lane to success. It's still in its infancy right now, but a "Who's Your Celebrity Twin" filter sounds like it has the potential for major social media success. We could be looking at the next "Wordle" here...


The 20 Best TikTok Filters of 2022

These days, the question isn't whether you're on TikTok but rather how much time each day you're spending on the app. Whether you're scrolling through creative makeup tutorials or simple-but-satisfying recipes, there's no doubt you've encountered some of the trendy filters that many people on the app love to use.


Chris Pratt Reveals His Celebrity Twin in Meme—and It's Not Who You Think

The popular meme was created by Emma Sofija. For anyone who wants to play, simply go to her profile in the Instagram app, click the stars button, and choose the "Celebrity Lookalike" filter. Sofija matched with Margot Robbie, for what it's worth, according to Elite Daily.

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Margot Robbie y su doble en TikTok: ¿quién es quién?

Doppelgänger, es la palabra alemana que se utiliza para referirse a los parecidos razonables, especialmente, encontrados en redes sociales, y la última a la que le ha salido uno ha sido a Margot Robbie. La recién descubierta doble de la conocida actriz australiana, es una mujer danesa llamada Emma Sofija y el parecido entre ambas es tan alucinante que casi es imposible distinguirlas.

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